Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Untitled (Structure that Eats)

Lately, I have been very interested in variations on change and how to subtly depict those changes.  A friend pointed me out to this sculptural piece that is being exhibited through April 21 as part of Ileana Sonnabend: Ambassador for the New at the MoMA.  In Giovanni Anselmo’s Untitled (Structure that Eats) from 1968, a head of lettuce is pinned between two blocks of granite and held together by a copper wire. As the lettuce wilts, one of the blocks begins to fall. 


[Giovanni Anselmo. Untitled (Structure that Eats). 1968. Granite, copper wire, lettuce, and sawdust. The Sonnabend Collection. Photographs by Talia Kwartler.]

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