Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Frauke Wilken

Frauke Wilken, a German artist with a focus on sculpture, creates objects that deal with the boundary between inner and outer worlds.  There is an uncertainty whether whatever is on the inside of these objects are still or are in motion.  There is a grotesqueness to each one of these sculptures and a call of attention to certain orifices.  Each one of his objects create a tension between fragility and strength, security and bondage, as well as growth and decay.  I stumbled upon Frauke while researching a few months ago for my own work.  The absurdity of her objects is an inspiration to me.   I can see the links between womb and cellular structure, present in my own work, in the sketches and ideation that can be seen throughout her work.  Like always, you can check out more of Wilken's work at her website.  

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